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Earth Changes   Todd Alan Band

Todd Alan Band has released an all new CD dedicated to the environment, global warming, and our spiritual connection with our Mother Earth.

Earth Changes CD

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 Today  (c 2006)

 Earth Changes   (c 2006)

 Heal The Earth  (c 2006)


Earth Changes CD

It is time for the Human Race to re-awaken its connection to the Planet Earth


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Earth Changes   Todd Alan Band

Produced & Engineered by Todd Alan and George Hertzel

Copyright 2006 Todd Alan Studios. All rights reserved  

Earth Changes On CD

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Songs include: 

1:  Today

2:  Earth Changes 

3:  New Way

4:  Heal The Earth

5:  Gypsy Incarnation

6:  One World/One Voice

7: Hanging Around

8:  Wisteria

9:  Ah Ho (little one)  

10: We Can Unite


Earth Changes Copyright 2006  Todd Alan Studios.  All rights reserved

The Band

Words and Music by Todd Alan except: Ah Ho (little one) by Holly Cagle and Todd Alan

Todd Alan:

electric banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, bass, percussion/drums, vocals

Laurie Hallal:


Bob Smutak:

(Bongo Bob)drums and percussion

George Hertzel:

keyboards, vocals

 Group Vocals: Gina Kruzel, Lyra Neff, Charlene Suggs, David Lane, Chris Packard, Sunshine Lane, Jillian Moon, Leah Miller, Bob Smutak.

 Leah Miller: zills and dancing jingles on Today

Jillian Moon: Flute on Wisteria and Ah Ho

Produced by Todd Alan and George Hertzel and Recorded at Todd Alan Studios

Earth Changes: A Call for Good Changes on the Planet


A curious thing happened in the mainstream media a few years back.  Mainstream news reporters started talking about global warming.  There were specials on environmental crisis and organic food production.  We realized that public perception was shifting and more people were caring about life on this planet on a core level.  Inspired by this awakening,  Todd felt it was finally the time when people would be receptive to new music reminding them that the Earth needs healing from careless, shortsighted human activity.  And how do we spread this message without depressing everyone and paralzing their ability to act?  That's about the time the banjo spoke up.

Todd's personal response was to write music of hope and celebration: "The electric banjo has opened up a whole new world for me.  I feel as if I've been playing it all my life.  I did study some traditional banjo styles but quickly developed my own style of playing influenced by my 30+ year history with guitar.  I felt a deep love for the sound of the banjo. and first learned some traditional styles of playing.  But when I received my first electric banjo, it was like being gifted a magic wand."

"I dedicated the instrument to the global warming cause before even playing the first note.  I knew this instrument would open up a whole new world for me and it has.  It was an incredibly magic time discovering my newfound instrument.  Many of the songs on this new album were written on the banjo and I hope to front with it for any future touring.  The electric banjo is not a sound most people might think it is - it takes the bright "happiness" of the banjo and gives it a mysterious depth that is not possible on an acoustic banjo.  It's an instrument that can cross-over from folk to rock to meditative and beyond . . . I hope you like the sound as much as I do."


 The Music Today and Thoughts on Life


Todd Alan's music has always focused on healing and love for the planet.  Earth Changes continues in this tradition while celebrating the divine forces at work in the universe.  Themes range from reincarnation to deep-in-the-woods bonfire drumming calling us together to create a better world.  Some songs are traditional folk/rock Todd Alan styling with interwoven vocal harmonies and offbeat percussive primitive rhythms.

The rock banjo stylings grace the CD with a unique progressive rock/folk/country blended sound.  More mainstream audiences can also identify with these upbeat grooves that sing of a new way and new time for all people.  All in all, it's an album for the Earth Spirituality community that can also be shared with a public awakening to the fact that it's time to change the way we live.

Along with the release of Earth Changes, Todd Alan Studios is re-releasing Carry Me Home and Earth Magick in updated CD format.  Visit for ordering information and MP3 samples as well as some free full-song downloads.