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All the songs below on this page have been released by the author or are traditional songs so it is within our rights to give them away as free Mp3 downloads. We made this music to be heard so feel free to copy it and spread it far and wide as our gift. Please tell a friend about our music and create a link to us on your web site or blog.  All downloads are the entire song, enjoy! Todd




It is time for the Human Race to re-awaken its connection to the Planet Earth


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Free Mp3 Downloads from TAS Catalogue

Earth Changes <order CD>

Today  (Todd Alan 2006)

Earth Changes   (Todd Alan 2006)

Heal The Earth  (Todd Alan 2006)

Carry Me Home <order CD>

Jack in the Green (Traditional)

From This Moment On <order CD>

The Longest Day  (Todd Alan 1994)

Morgan Le Fey   (Todd Alan 1992)

Ucanacaca  (Todd Alan 1995)

Polysentual   (Todd Alan 1995)

Earth Magick <order CD>

Mother Earth & Father Sky   c 1988

Earth Magick   c 1988

 Song of the Earth

Misc. Mp3 Free Downloads

These are songs that come from Todd Alan concerts and albums that are no longer in publication. We will be adding many more to these soon.Enjoy!

Touch The Earth   c 1992

Bonfire In A Can   c 1992


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