Todd Alan



1986 - present


Todds latest CD:  Earth Changes

Earth Changes CD

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 Today  (c 2006)

 Earth Changes   (c 2006)

 Heal The Earth  (c 2006)


It is time for the Human Race to re-awaken its connection to the Planet Earth


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Todd Alan Disography

1986 Moon Magick   Todd Alan and Lady Pythia  (Oracle)

(No Longer in Publication)


Earth Magick CD


1987 Earth Magick   Todd Alan and Lady Pythia  (Oracle)

Carry Me Home CD by Todd Alan


1990 Carry Me Home   Todd Alan and Friends


1993 Touch The Earth   Todd Alan and the Quest   

(No Longer in Publication)


1994 Live In the Studio   Todd Alan and the Quest 

(No Longer in Publication)


1995  Live At Pantheocon  Todd Alan

(No Longer in Publication)

From This Moment On


1996  From This Moment On  Todd Alan

Earth Changes


2006  Earth Changes  Todd Alan Band