Todd's Remastered Carry Me Home with Bonus Track

Spirit of The Wind (Official Video)

By Artist Todd Alan

It was the year 1994. An opportunity arose while I was attending and performing at the 16th Starwood Festival. At this event there were professional videographers and I had a connection through a friend so I made arrangements with a video cameraman to help shoot music video footages for this song. We set a time for the video shooting and hung signs in the porta-potties, letting people know to meet at the Nemeton at the arranged time. All who arrived were welcome. Everyone then signed release forms and danced along as we shot this video footage. Life and financial circumstances got in the way of any final editing as video editing was so expensive at that time. After 25 years, we had the 3/4” Umatic tapes converted to digital, and finally were able to complete this time capsule of a Starwood Festival moment. A big thank you to all who came and danced and celebrated the moment. 

We also want to announce a remastered re-release of Carry Me Home to the digital realms. Carry Me Home was originally released in 1990 on cassette and  later on CD. After being mostly out of print for a decade it is now available on Itunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your music. This release also comes with a never released bonus track “We Won’t Wait Any Longer” recorded at the same time.  Please add to your playlists and share.

In memory of Dwight Newton a good friend and great musician that traveled with us for years. Rest in peace my friend.

--Todd Alan

Carry Me Home 

A one time classic back for the new digital age. A celebration of earth spirituality with guitars, voices, drum circles, and forest chanting.  
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Official Gypsy Incarnation Music Video

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