Todd Alan Discography

1986 Moon Magick

Todd Alan and Lady Pythia  (Oracle)

(No Longer in Publication)

1987 Earth Magick

Todd Alan and Lady Pythia  (Oracle)

1990 Carry Me Home

Todd Alan and Friends

1993 Touch The Earth

Todd Alan and the Quest  (No Longer in Publication)

1994 Live In the Studio

Todd Alan and the Quest (No Longer in Publication)

1995 Live At Pantheocon

Todd Alan (No Longer in Publication)

Archival Videos

Mother Earth and Father Sky

Back In 1994 Todd Alan and the Quest had a vision of recording a live album “Live In the Studio”. They hired a professional video company along with audio engineer Regis Sedlock. Due to budget constraints, they were able to release the audio album but could not edit the video footage. For 24 years the 3/4 Umatic video tapes sat in storage but with today's incredible technology these old tapes have been restored and digitized.

1996 From This Moment On

Todd Alan

2006 Earth Changes

Todd Alan Band